When I ran across this article and gave it some thought---I've generally believed in soulmates, although until this year---I think I must have had a "broken picker" in pickiing out someone to date, let alone an actual soulmate.   I now believe in them more than ever thanks to the love of my life Sherry.   She is truly amazing and I have never gotten along with someone so well in my entire life.  We really  love each other unconditionally and it's been nothing but wonderful!     New survey is out all about soulmates, thought you'd like enjoy to see the results and yes I am amongst the 2/3 of us who believe in them!!




New poll is out and it looks like around two-thirds of Americans believe in soulmates.

But there is a downside to all the good news, the soulmate types are 150% more likely to get divorced, while those with a more practical and traditional view of marriage were more likely to stay together.


The results of the survey:


73 percent of those in the 18-29 age group believe their true soulmate is somewhere out there.

Only 62 percent of those that are older than the age of 60 will buy into the soulmate concept ... but 96 percent of the folks that are over the age of 60 believe they had married the "right" person.

How about you---do you believe in soulmates???


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