ND Race Relations
With Martin Luther King Jr. just a week away, Wallet Hub released a study to look at racial progress that has been made across the United States.
A Smaller Engagement Ring May Lead to a Longer Marriage
How many jewelry store ads have you seen (especially during February, June and December) that try to tell you that you should spend "two months' salary" -- at least -- on an engagement ring? Then there's the $25,000 you'll probably have to spend on the wedding...
North Dakotans—Getting Married? Some Thoughts For You!!
As your Bismarck and Mandan radio pal, I am always searching for interesting tips and intel for your life.  I came across an article that shared tips that newlyweds should know about marriage.  Many of us (me included) have stepped into marriage hoping for a lifetime of love and happiness, and it ca…
Long Distance Relationships Better Than Geographically Close Ones?
As you may know, my girlfriend Sherry and I are in a long-distance relationship; she lives in Spokane, Washington and I live here in Bismarck.  That is 944 miles between us. I have driven back to Spokane twice (and am going back again on vacation this week), and she has visited Bismarck twice (once …

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