Dr. Blaine Clausnitzer has filled his last tooth.

It was announced recently that Dr. Clausntizer will retire from his dental office and the practice will be taken over by Dr. Alexa Carlson.

Clausnitzer Dentistry will now become 701 Dental.

Clausnitzer Dentistry has been a staple in the Bismarck community since 1990.  Dr. Blaine Clausnitzer is a graduate of Bismarck High School.  He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of North Dakota and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Minnesota  He played high school hockey for the Demons.  He's been a big supporter of Demon hockey over the course of his career, sponsoring players, sponsoring high school hockey coverage on the radio, and being a big part of alumni fundraising activities.

Unfortunately, it's Dr. Blaine Clausnitzer's love for the game of hockey that may have ended his dental career prematurely.  Blaine suffered a shoulder injury in a city league hockey game this spring that required surgery.  It was thought that Dr. Clausnitzer would make a full recovery.  After some time off and returning back to work, Dr. Clausnitzer surprised his staff with the announcement he is going to retire.  His shoulder injury was still bothering him.  The staff was in shock and in tears.

His final day was yesterday Tuesday, May 31st. 

Dr. Clausnitzer's patients were trying to hold back tears yesterday as they were told the news they would be his last patients.  Dr. Clausnitzer was also my dentist and after getting to know his staff, I know how much they loved working for him.  A tremendous person that will be terribly missed by his staff and patients.  Yep, yesterday was Dr. Blain's last shift.

Enjoy your retirement Blain, you deserve it.

Clausnitzer Dentistry
Clausnitzer Dentistry


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