Introducing The WHEEL OF BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES! It's about time your favorite radio station stepped up to salute our favorite radio station listeners!


Check that calendar hanging in the kitchen, pay attention to your Facebook notifications, and for goodness sakes- take care of your own anniversary- you know he ain't gonna do it!

My apologies to the many good hearted guys that didn't get any credit back there- good on y'all  But you're making it difficult on the rest of men.

But, now it becomes sooo easy, weekdays between 7 am and 8 am, call-in your Birthday Salutes and Anniversaries at 663-98 98!  Kids, grand kids, mom, dad, spouses, dogs, cats, and don't forget- yourself!

We'll give the birthday/anniversary recipient an on-air "shout out" and all the world will know they now have to buy that person something for their special day.

Everyone else that's listening at 8:20 am, don't worry, you could be in for a delicious Dairy Queen frozen cake from your favorite Bismarck Dairy Queen!

It's about time I mentioned- "The Wheel Of Birthdays And Anniversaries"!

William Thomas Cain

So, what that means- at 8:20 am, I will spin the wheel.  The wheel has 12 slots representing all 12 months  I'll "spin" the wheel and whatever MONTH it lands on could make you eligible to win that day's free Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake!  If the wheel stops on a month that you share a personal birthday or anniversary with, It's time to call in and win!

So, if the wheel stops on November, and you have a birthday or anniversary in November- we'll ask you to be the 9th caller at 663-98 98.  Do that, and you'll win a sweet DQ ice cream cake.  We're giving away one each and every weekday!  That's a lot of brain freezes.


So call-in those special birthday and anniversaries and listen for your chance to win just for being you! Weekday mornings with The Wheel Of Birthdays And Anniversaries at 8:20AM on Cool 98.7!

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