That there is Daisy and she's a very good girl!  Not quite 6 months old, she NEEDS to get outside to work off some of the puppy energy.  I don't have a fenced backyard but I do have a 30 foot tie-up to give her plenty of room to romp.  But she doesn't really "romp" in the yard, mostly sniffing, chewing, and taking care of her business.  So we get to go out on plenty of walks, which is fine because it gets my butt off the couch. But I'm not fast enough to take her on a full stride run, so she just politely strolls by my side,

But in my neighborhood there are many secluded spots that are away from homes and generally free of other folks.  So, what if I was to take her off her leash and let her let it rip for a bit.  Y'know just fetching a ball..

Seems I'd get busted and have to pay a fine...I'm not arguing the leash laws, after all how many times has some dog owner told you "Don't worry, he's just playing".  Words that are still bouncing around your head while doctors reattach your arm.

First thing you need for your dog is a license, which you can obtain at your local police station. You should also have a tag with all your contact info on it in case your dog doesn't return while romping.

Lets look at the Lincoln ordinance

Animal Ordinance Summaries 6-01-02. At Large and Wastes. Dogs and Cats must be leashed upon the streets, public places, public ways, school grounds or private premises of any person other than the owner. Animal owners must properly collect and dispose of their dog’s or cat’s solid waste.

Cat's should be leashed and you pick up their poop?  Not having to do either of those things are cats best qualities!

Lets see where Mandan comes in with leashes

Perhaps most important to dog owners are the additional provisions on the city’s “leash law.” Dogs must be secured by a leash or lead no more than 6 feet long being held by a person capable of controlling the dog when being walked. The prior ordinance allowed for up to a 12-foot leash. Also, a dog is considered under restraint if it’s within the real property limits of its owner and securely confined by a fence or tether which does not allow the dog to reach another property, public walkway, or road.

Mandan also requires the two tags and has made owners of dogs deemed vicious to potentially be charged with a class B misdemeanor. That's ruff!

OK, now to the city where I'm most likely to get busted...Bismarck where you at on this?

3-03-06. Public Nuisance. 1. Every dog or cat that has committed any of the following acts is deemed to be a public nuisance:

a. At large on more than one occasion.

b. Chases any person or vehicle.

c. Disturbs the peace by barking, howling or fighting.

Looks like if me and Daisy get caught, I might get a freebie with the first "at large" charge...

I've probably already given the coppers to many clues.

Love your pets y'all! They surely will love ya back.


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