It's really quite something how life is slowly starting to seep back to normal - right before our eyes. Think about what a disaster of all sorts we went through last year. So many people were handcuffed to social distancing  - the lucky ones still able to work. I remember driving through downtown Bismarck about a year ago, I was relatively new here - and it was like the proverbial ghost town. Did you ever think to yourself at one point that life would never be the same? Pretty scary stuff.

We are now almost into April, of 2021, and I'm starting to see more and more people without their masks on AND there is a vaccination shot available for those that want it. According to the Dickinson Press, the good news is that it appears that more Americans are open to taking the vaccine - when it was first being tested people were skeptical to leap into something that hasn't been proven. Now, however, the Wall Street Journal reports "A shrinking percentage of Americans are expressing reluctance to get a COVID-19 vaccine,"   That bit of info is based on a U.S. Census survey of some 80,000 Americans conducted between March 3rd to the 15th.

How does North Dakota feel about the vaccination shot? According to the State Department of Health's latest data - nearly 40% of North Dakotans have had at least one vaccine shot, and over 25% are fully vaccinated. These are not encouraging numbers, for the graph shows that the trend for North Dakotans to deny their shot is on the upswing.  - I personally know several people out here in Bismarck that won't get theirs - some compare it to this "Every year when the flu-shots come around, I never get them". I guess we shall see what happens as the months go by, maybe those that are reluctant now will change their mind.


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