Have you heard of the Apple AirTag?

According to Wall Street Journal, when Apple AirTags first hit the market in April of 2021, they were super popular and helpful to those of us who tend to misplace things like our phones, keys, and wallets. But of course, anything good can get ruined by people with ulterior motives. Now, we are being warned that people may be using Apple AirTags to track others.

A North Dakota woman is afraid that she is being tracked by an Apple AirTag.

Inforum reports that a 21-year-old Fargo woman named Georgina Orn was recently at the gym when she received a phone alert about a lost AirTag linked to her car. But the thing is, Georgina did not even know what an AirTag was, let alone did she put one on her car. She reportedly was able to see a map of where she had traveled and her phone continues to get AirTag alerts when near her car, even hours after she is out of her car.

Georgina's scary predicament has happened to other people.

Apple had to launch a safety support page because of a couple of instances similar to Georgina's. Wall Street Journal reports that the reason AirTags can be so scary is that their tracking ability is so accurate. So, if you use Apple AirTags, be cautious. And if you do not use them but receive notifications, someone may be tracking you.

Do you use tracking devices like Apple AirTags to keep track of your items?

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