The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library has an an event this week that may be perfect for your kid(s).

It's called B.A.R.K. and it stands for Bismarck Animals Reading with Kids.  It's an incredible concept that partners local therapy dogs with children in grades K-5.  You have to sign up your children in advance and they will have a 20 minute session to read aloud to a dog for 20 minutes.  Here's a completely non-judgmental listener that just wants kids to be happy! Well, that and maybe a biscuit or two.

Problem is, I'm a little late sharing this with y'all.  There are only two sessions remaining- Thursday May 20th from 4:00-5:00 PM, and Saturday May 22nd from 11:00 AM-12:00 PM.

Quick!  Right now, call Traci from the Library Youth Services at (701) 355-1495 to see if there is any more space for your reader.  Actually, they don't have to be so little after all as the event goes up to grade five.

I've always been fortunate to not have a severe phobia of speaking in front of crowds, nor have I had the fear of being socially awkward. But you don't have to possess those traits to remember how many of your fellow students did.  Reading aloud in a classroom can be a struggle for so many.  My daughter fought a pretty pronounced stutter that she managed to control as she grew older.  So I know every time she had to read aloud in class, she was always thinking other kids were making fun of her even if it was only in her mind. Let's be honest though, we're talking about kids who don't hide their reactions very well.

So even if I'm late getting this information, perhaps you'd like to contact the Library and see if more BARK events could be scheduled.  It would be cool if it could become a common activity.  Here are some other activities for young and old this summer at the Bismarck Library. (event links are below)



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