Readers, y'all have a unique opportunity to slam dunk one of your grand kid's Christmas presents for free!  I don't care which one- someone's gonna love it.

Thanks Bismarck Public Library!

The Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library announces its “Winter ‘Drive-Thru’ LEGO Take and Create” event. We have developed several LEGO mini-kits and sorted all the pieces: a Reading Unicorn, Magical Castle, Santa Claus, a Snowmobile, and a Llama! Now the kits are ready for you to pick up and build at home. The drive-thru event will take place on Saturday, December 5, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. in the Library’s south parking lot. Visitors will enter the south parking lot and drive through the book drop lane to the loading dock, where we will distribute the kits. Follow the signs. LEGO kits are first come, first served until supplies run out. We kindly ask patrons to take no more than one kit per person. For more information, call the Library at 355-1489, or email Laura at lrysavy@

You know how bad Public Libraries have had it in a pandemic year? Bad, very bad. In an internet time that was already stressing on libraries, an enormously talented staff of librarians, have striven very hard to keep their libraries relevant in the view of the COVID clampdown.  And, with very little investigation into your local libraries, Morton County, and Bismarck Veterans Memorial'll see these staffs going well out of their way to defend a thing that they love while facing COVID challenges.  Librarians (and staff) bless y'all.

But now, the Bismarck Library, has figured out the path to our learning souls.  GIVE US FREE LEGOS! Free Legos to conquer them all.  But, you have to get in line...and odds are, they'll be out of them before you get there. But you make a grand gesture, and just maybe, you could funnel that shopping fury into buying something local.  A lot of good things could come from that too.

Stay safe y'all.  Good luck with your Legos.

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