Three popular downtown Bismarck bars are up for sale!

Have you ever thought about buying a bar? Well, what about buying three bars all in one place? Rick Becker recently announced that his bars, LÜFT, 510.2 Speakeasy, and Red Eye Room are up for sale. If you have gone for a night out in Bismarck, you have likely hit up at least one of these bars. So, how cool would it be to actually own them?

LÜFT, 510.2 Speakeasy, and Red Eye Room offer unique nightlife experiences in Bismarck.

While it is great to go to those dive bars with cheap drinks and incredible fried food, you sometimes want a bit of a different scene. LÜFT, 510.2 Speakeasy, and Red Eye Room offer unique nightlife experiences in Bismarck. What makes these three bars unique in our town? Well, one bar is on the roof, another is a gaming lounge, and the last is a blast from the past.

What are LÜFT, 510.2 Speakeasy, and Red Eye Room like?

  • LÜFT is a rooftop bar that you can hang out on at any time of the year. And you definitely get a different view of Bismarck when you are all the way up on the roof.
  • 510.2 Speakeasy is run like a prohibition-era bar. The lights are dimmed down low, the talking and music are soft, and you even have to search for the place to get in because, you know, it is hidden!
  • Red Eye Room is described on Aspen Group Real Estate's website as a "gaming lounge & event space featuring pool tables, dart boards, pull tabs, Touch Tunes serving cocktails & beer."

The bars can be purchased for just short of two-million dollars. Who will be the new owner of LÜFT, 510.2 Speakeasy, and Red Eye Room?

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