In case you missed it last time, a famous North Dakota podcast is coming back to Bismarck.

Tickets sold fast last time Midwest Murder Podcast came to 510.2 Speakeasy in Bismarck. But there will soon be another chance to catch the live version of the podcast. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, January 18 for when Midwest Murder Podcast comes back to Bismarck.

WHAT: Midwest Murder Podcast with John Lantto & Dawn Palumbo

WHEN: February 10, 2022

WHERE: 510.2 Speakeasy
510 E Main Ave, Bismarck

TICKETS: Tickets go on sale at 12:00 PM on Tuesday, January 18

What is the Midwest Murder Podcast?

Midwest Murder Podcast reminds us that the heartland is not always as safe and friendly as we would like to believe it is. The podcast, hosted by John Lantto and Dawn Palumbo, launched its first episode in October of 2020. Now, they do live shows around the state and some in Minnesota, telling horrifying real-life Midwestern tales of murder.

What is your favorite True Crime podcast?

True Crime is what got me into podcasts. The first one I listened to was the Serial podcast's first season about a Baltimore man named Adnan Syed. He was convicted of killing his girlfriend when they were in high school in 1999. The podcast's host, Sarah Koenig, interviews friends, family, and Adnan himself for the show. And there are signs that point to the possibility of another person being responsible for the murder of Adnan's girlfriend.

These days, my favorite murder podcasts are My Favorite Murder and Crime Junkie.

Do you have a favorite True Crime Podcast?

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