Recently, the Bismarck Brewing Company has joined several others throughout the country in an effort to help raise funds for the victims of California's Camp Fire by selling a certain beer.

The beer is an IPA called 'Resilience'. Through just one week of sales, the IPA had reached $500 in sales that will be donated to helping the Camp Fire victims. According to KFYR, if the IPA continues to sell at that rate, more than $12,000 can be raised by the deadline.

The Bismarck Brewing Company Taproom is the local establishment currently serving the Resilience IPA. Locals can help the efforts and purchase the beer until May 1st or until supplies run out, whichever comes first. 100 percent of all sales of the beer will go towards the cause.

In an interview with KFYR, brewmaster Jordan Everaert said:

It's a good chunk of money, so it'll actually make a difference that way. It's, for a business our size where we're just starting out. Money is tighter when you're just starting a business so you don't have as much money to donate as much as I'd like to so this is the way to do it.

You can help out the victims of California's Camp Fire by purchasing the Resilience IPA as well at Bismarck Brewing Company, located at 1100 Canada Ave Suite 1 in north Bismarck.

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