Ah yes, whether you like it or not...

..."YOU are hereby notified in accordance with North Dakota Century Code, the true and full valuation on the property you own increased since the previous year's assessment to one or more of the following levels..." Well, I won't go any further, this came from a NOTICE OF INCREASE IN REAL ESTATE ASSESSMENT notice from a Bismarck News Release.

These people are from the Bismarck Assessing Division

Their job is to come out and check your property to see if you've made any improvements, upgrades, or adjustments - so the bottom line is YOUR real estate taxes will increase whether you like it or not - and WHO would like it? Another person that I work with told me he got a notice when he first moved into his house almost 5 years ago, and then received one late last year.

My question is "What if you ignore the notices?"

The answer to that is, they will go ahead and calculate your property based on different factors. For those that have made changes to their home, higher taxes can be expected. So again I asked myself another question "What can you do to prevent your property taxes from soaring through the roof ( Yes pun intended ) and maybe even lowering them?

Check out this article if you are curious...

...I found this on Google. According to investopedia.com here are "Tricks For Lowering Your Tax Bill" here is one of the obvious tips: "Don't build or make changes to your curbside just before an assessment as these steps may increase your value"  I do have to say that THIS made perfect sense as well, from the Bismarck News Release: “The one thing we really want to stress to anyone who has received these notices is that we encourage you to call us and ask us questions if there is anything you do not agree with on the notice,” said Bismarck City Assessor Allison Jensen. So try not and panic if you receive a notice.

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