It's a legitimate question.  Before the Bismarck Park Board decides to once again propose a tax increase to the voters, they'd like to know why they got punched so hard in the face by voters back in June of 2020.  The simple answer is that nobody likes paying more taxes.  The simpler answer is COVID was really starting to cramp our economy and we were kinda cranky.  The simplest answer? There wasn't enough "pickleball" players at the polls.

What's pickleball? Did you click that? If not, a brief summary- it's sorta like ping pong, played on a shortened tennis court using a wiffle ball, and lots of people enjoy playing. So many people are playing that pickleballers are running out of space!

Back in February 2020, a wrote a pre-pandemic piece about this pickleball proposal.  It was a $108 million package to make it on the ballot in June 2020.

A study carried out for more than a year has pointed to a need for a new facility with indoor tennis and pickle ball courts, hockey rink, gymnastics room. The facility would contain many more amenities as well. It is estimated to cost a $108 million.
The park board proposed that 5-10% of the cost could be covered by private partnerships, and the rest could be covered by a half cent sales tax increase for the city. Commissioners voted to put the proposed tax increase on the June ballot.

So it would have a ton more than just pickles.  Let's keep reading to see how it does!

A happy smiling pickle giving an enthusiastic thumbs up

Unfortunately, COVID-19s health and economic impacts would weigh heavily against the proposal.

Fast forward to April 29th, when the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce EDC's 13 members voted 8-5 not to support the proposal. Find that story here.

If you can't even get the Chamber in your corner, you might not want to answer the bell for the next round.  In June, it was a true thumping from the voters with a mere 37% voting in favor of the new recreation center. Yowtch!

Well, the pickle is stirring once again.

Mike McCleary has a great write up in the Bismarck Tribune about a proposed plan to conduct a $10,000 survey to find out why voters were so sour to the pickle proposal.

Well, for all the obvious reasons I've outlined here...but be persistent Park Boarders.

Bismarck and the surrounding region continue to grow, keeping up with the recreational needs of our residents is very important.  My survey answer would be- timing is also very important.

Feel free to hit us up when society's more back in stride and maybe your pickle may prevail at the polls.

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