Tax Day (April 15) is quickly approaching, and by now most of us have filed our taxes for the year. In 2017 $3.4 trillion was collected by the government from filed returns. Of that, nearly $437 billion was refunded. It's always a good feeling when that tax refund hits your bank account, but which states are smiling the most around tax season?

A recent report  by 24/7 Wall St., published in USA Today, asked that very question. The study looked at information 2017 Internal Revenue Service Data Book to figure out which states produce the highest average refunds, as well as other tax-related data.

So how did North Dakota fare?

In terms of largest average federal refund, North Dakota ranked in the top half of the country with a 15th-ranked total of $3,175. Delaware received the highest rank with an average refund of $4,445. New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas and Minnesota rounded out the top five. It should be noted that with the exception of Texas, the rest of the states ranked in the top five were also ranked in the top five for most heavily taxed states. Minnesota's $18,726 federal taxes collected per capita was the most in the country. By comparison, North Dakota's mark of $8,790 per capita was the 23rd fewest.

Other interesting data included North Dakota's median household income of $61,843 ranking as the 18th highest. On the flip side, only 42.9 percent of tax filings in the state qualified to receive a refund, the third lowest mark in the country.


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