Every time I get asked to be a part of a Bismarck Larks remote I look forward to seeing how a top-notch organization runs

I say that out of observing everyone involved with the Bismarck Larks, from an intern to the owner John - they show up in force with amazing attitudes and teamwork. They take great pride in being part of events that bring our community together, which is quite obvious when you attend one of their baseball games at the Municipal Ballpark. The second you walk in, the feel of being part of something special is in the air- like you are a member of their family.

Check out what happened last month

The Bismarck Larks and Farmers Union Insurance teamed up together for the sixth year in a row to bring the local community together to complete one of the largest and fastest food drives in the Midwest. Just last Thursday ( July 28th ) Bismarck Municipal Ballpark at 8 AM. The first 1,000 people to donate three or more non-perishable items were given a free commemorative Larks jersey. All jerseys were given out before 9:30 AM making it the fastest food drive in Larks history thanks to the local community. Cars were lined up in the parking lot to donate food as early as 7:30 AM and continued through the afternoon. The Great Plains Food Bank is currently one of North Dakota's only food banks and serves over 99 communities at 213 locations across the state. Over the last 35 years, Great Plains Food Bank has donated over 185 million pounds of food to people in need. The whole day was amazing, especially this - The Bismarck-Mandan community brought 3,832 pounds of food and 3,193 meals provided to the Great Plains Food Bank. 

You may think I'm overexaggerating just a tad in this article about the Larks...

...but I'm not. When you come across such genuine people as Isaac Bugarin, Monica Blake, Meg Thompson, and John Bollinger - you will see how the Bismarck Larks organization operates as a family, period.


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