I remember this event so well from last year

The temperatures were in the low 90s last year on the day I went out to be a part of another great event put on by the Bismarck Larks. The site was Municipal Ballpark, YES there were baseball players out there, but instead of having their hands on a bat or a glove, the Bismarck Larks had hoses and sponges. They were giving car washes most of the day, there was music playing, and people came by and had a great time donating money - Well let's do it again!

WHAT: 3rd Annual Clark's Car Wash

WHEN: 10:00 am- 3:00 pm - Friday, August 12, 2022

WHERE: Municipal Ballpark

Check it out, The Bismarck Larks, Eide Ford, and Eide Chrysler have made it their mission to wash as many cars as they can. They do a terrific job too. I watched the smiles from the ballplayers and people all over Bismarck and Mandan as their cars became clean and they helped donate what they could. This year all proceeds benefit the Triple Play Program. Eide car dealerships are going to DOUBLE MATCH all donations. Now here is the thing, donations are not required by any means, but they are accepting free-will donations. YOUR help will go to the Larks Community FUNd which gives back to local kids, youth sports & athletics. Last year they raised $4,320 from 140 cars.

Why you need to stop by

Trust me, you will have a blast if you just take 10 - 15 minutes out of your day tomorrow and zip on by with your dirty car and say "Hi" to Clark and some of the Bismarck Larks players. A beautiful day out in the sun, being a part of what the Larks do better than anyone else, helping out our community.



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