When we think of the year 2020, I'm pretty sure one of the first things that will come to mind is "The Mask" - We saw COVID-19 come into our world and basically destroy everything, took away our freedom to be out and about, doing things we all took for granted. Then we started bringing our masks with us wherever we would go, you couldn't enter restaurants or businesses without wearing one. Now just recently Governor Burgum announced that he will let North Dakota's mask mandate expire - which is today - January 18th. According to KFYR TV the governor still wants people to be on the cautious side, and still wear them. “The nation is more in the throes of the pandemic today than it ever has been, and we’re in the very unique situation to be relaxing some protocols when everyone else is going the other way,”  

Now that we are seeing restrictions ease up, and that there are guidelines for us to monitor rather than be ordered to wear them. I was walking inside Kirkwood mall yesterday, and I was amazed to see almost everybody donning their mask - nobody seemed anguished or agitated, or perturbed. This was and still is part of our routine, but now that the "hammer has been lifted" so to speak, what will you do? The thought of being without your facial armour will be a glorious feeling of freedom, but will you still feel the need to be safe, and aware of others? Only time will tell as we ease back into normalcy.


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