It sure seems like yesterday when our stimulus checks were coming in

A crazy time in our lives when we started receiving stimulus checks last year. Sure seemed almost surreal that most of us woke up one day and saw our bank accounts had an overnight visitor. The checks of course were designed to stimulate the economy by providing us with extra spending to go out and spend in our community. We had three checks that came in waves, will there be another one?

North Dakota lawmakers have been busy as of late

So here is the deal. North Dakota lawmakers have been busy as of late in good intentions for North Dakotans. A proposal that's been backed by Governor Doug Burgum has helped lawmakers add to their plan. This was discussed just last Tuesday on the house floor by Bismarck Republican Rep. Pat Heinert. According to Grand Forks Herald  "The proposal would provide up to $500 in income tax relief over two years to North Dakotans by drawing on surplus state revenues from the last budget cycle"

What does this mean in layman's terms?

Grand Forks Herald reported that Heinert made it pretty clear his goal to have North Dakotans take advantage of the extra funds, to utilize them and be able to save some money. Helping out others in their community with a possible donation, and most importantly to be able to spend money on themselves and maybe splurge every once in a while.

Time will tell if this income tax relief gains momentum

Sometimes we hear about these encouraging plans that eventually get turned down by the opposition, so let's all keep our fingers crossed.

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