In a state not known for trees, many North Dakota cities have worked hard on maintaining old growth in their city limits. Bismarck has some awesome trees- let the competition begin!

Bismarck Forestry reps may have been out hugging your trees and you probably didn't even know it.

Where are Bismarck's "Champion" trees?  And, if you have one- do you want the world to know?  The world then comes by your place and measure your tree and irritate (evade) your dogs? No, of course you don't.  So check out these stats and maybe you can find comfort in quietly having a "Champion" tree.

Too late...your neighbors have already nominated your try and be polite.

To catch you's a bit of today's press release from the Bismarck Forestry Department.  It all starts with cub forestry volunteer reporters, and two of the area's favorite daughters, Susan Wefald and Nancy Willis, dispatched in January to go hug trees.  It was cold to begin with and then kinda hot over the summer.  But they persevered with a mission...

looking for cottonwood trees that are over 16 feet in circumference (measuring around the trunk, 4.5 feet from the ground); American Elms that are over 13 feet in circumference; Linden trees that are over 9 feet in circumference; Burr Oak that are over 7 feet in circumference; and Ash trees that are over 9 feet in circumference.

You got one of those? Because forget what I said earlier, former Public Service Commissioner Susan Wefald and community leader Nancy Willis, have not been out hugging your tree...unless you invite them or it's on the boulevard.

The trees must be in Bismarck or in parks managed by Bismarck Parks and Recreation, such as General Sibley Park. “We have found some very large cottonwood trees in General Sibley Park and Sertoma Riverside Park,” Willis noted.  “We are hoping both homeowners who have large trees on their property and the general public will contact us to help us find the ‘Champion’ trees of Bismarck,” she added.

So, who are the "Champions" my friends? Don't just keep it to yourself...and how could you? That's a mighty big tree.  So do you dislike your neighbor but love their tree? Heck with them- turn 'em in...

People who wish to report a large tree should contact the Bismarck Forestry Division at 701-355-1700, option 3, or email: before October 15, 2021.

Or you could turn over your own tree to the proper authorities and get proper credit.  One day the city would like to create a map of the "Champion" trees of Bismarck that are located on public property or on boulevards (surprisingly, also public property).

But, since yours may be on private property- you can probably just have the personal knowledge that yours is the "Champ" and  keep it to yourself. Congratulations.

Cut off date is October 18, 2021.

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