Mott currently has better internet coverage than Bismarck. So does Belcourt.

But lookout, Midco is looking to invest $500 million over the next decade to upgrade their Midwest fiber network to 10G.  Bismarck, Dickinson, and Fargo will be the first North Dakota cities to be a part of the $100 million dollar phase I portion Midco is planning to establish in the next 3 years. From AP news...

Upgrading to 10-gigabit speed by 2030 is a goal that the cable provider has been working toward the past couple years.

“Now we think we can do it sooner,” said Midco President and CEO Pat McAdaragh. The phased upgrade begins in earnest in 2022, doubling Midco’s fiber network to 22,000 miles, McAdaragh said.

Here's an article about 10G being the future for superfast internet and Bismarck is fortunately in the lead pack to receive it in the state.  If you're in my age group, you'll remember the painfully slow connection speed of the dial up modems.  To be honest, at the time, the internet was so foreign and cool, it didn't matter if it took you ten minutes to "Ask Jeeves" something.  Well that honeymoon was over a long time ago and now we start grumbling, moaning, cursing, and complaining if there's any lag time or god forbid buffering when we're trying to watch YouTube.

But, never is enough is what fuels progress.  It's good to see that within the next three years Bismarck will be a 10G fiber force in the world of connectivity.  Lightning fast downloads, super smooth streams, and less dropouts while working remotely.

We'll still complain...I know us.

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