Doing what you love to do is the key to life

Have you ever come across someone that loves their job? I know that a ton of people just put up with work, going through the motions 5 days a week, then there are those that feel trapped, hating every single second of it. Here is the saddest part, they keep torturing themselves week-week, month-month, etc.

Here is a man that puts his heart and soul behind his work

His name is Ian Sweep, if you go on Facebook regularly you will see his name affiliated with Bismarck's People Reporting News. Ian has been an administrator since 2019, and in my opinion, he has a tough job. He reads posts daily from the 28,359 people that are in the group.

Everything from the positive to the extreme negative

Ian does his job well, for he allows people to give praise to those that have done a nice thing in town, someone may have had a wallet returned, and they write about it. This FB page thrives the best when people engage in one another. Ian described it perfectly to me on the phone  "The group is AMAZING at self-regulating. People use the Admin Report button when they think something is wrong, and if/when something really bad gets posted, it's almost a guarantee that someone will message me immediately to check on those posts" Unfortunately there are a few that live off of hate, anger, and controversy. This is when Ian steps in and either bans them for just a bit or blocks them for life.

With all the posts you read, what are your favorites?

Easy question, he responded quickly by saying his favorites by far are from those that have posted about lost pets, or a lost phone (which was found literally within hours thanks to the power of the large community group). When a loved animal is found, and the owners thanks everyone involved for their efforts, Sweep humbly says "It lifts my heart"

Want to know EXACTLY what Bismarck People Reporting News is all about?

Here is your answer, "If it's happening in our neighborhood, chances are, we all want to know about it!" That's part of what their group page says so well. On a personal note, I am a huge fan of this group, I have learned so much about Bismarck through the people that have taken the time to share the good and bad, and Ian is a gigantic part of it. A guy who is honest and has integrity. One last thing, Ian does this for free, when I say it's a job, well it is, his rewards are not money, it is purely for the love of it.


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