The last couple of weeks have been rough here in Bismarck/Mandan

We had a shooting, an attempted kidnapping, there were reports of a couple of suspicious acid spills, and a deadly, disturbing hit and run. Many people including myself were just a little bit rattled by the events. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I was really hoping for a nice mellow start to a brand new week at the tail end of March.

The early smell in the air inspired a Mandan resident to post a simple message

Once again I found a wonderful ( non-breaking story ) bit of local news on Bismarck People Reporting News. This was not about a crime that just took place ( although the source of the stench hasn't been confirmed yet ) rather a mystery that tortured a soul here in Mandan just enough to write six pungent words -  'What Is That Awful Stink Outside?' - Sure caught my attention, I wanted to know more, so I reached out to the author.

An early morning disturbing odor in Mandan

First of all, it's Monday, we all know how much that stinks ( YES pun attended ), the second Jamie stepped outside in Mandan to go to work, she was greeted with the worst stench ever. Later on, she experienced the aroma out on the east side of Bismarck. So her simple plea was to see if anyone else dealt it OR smelt it. 

A 5-year resident of Bisman, she knows what happens when you express yourself on Bismark Reporting News

That was one of my first questions when I had her on the phone this afternoon, were you prepared for the barrage of smart-aleck comments that were sure to come your way? She 100% was -  some of the responses were to blame our local baseball team, one wannabe comedian suggested the culprit was the "Legislative Building". Someone smartly added that her "Ex must have stopped in town" ( my personal favorite ). The logical explanation however was that the disgusting smells were because of the lagoons. So Jamie thank you for making my day! Humor is a much better way to grind yourself through the start of a week!


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