One of my favorite places to guide my mouse over to is the Bismarck People Reporting News Group page

It's true, I like checking out what people in Bismarck/Mandan have to say. For the most part, everyone gets along. Of course, there are the ones that continue to try and get a reaction out of other people, but the moderators are very good at keeping the trouble makers at bay. So what do most people talk about? That's a good question, pretty much anything really.

From a lost purse to advice on who does the best landscape in town, the social page is designed to reach out, sometimes for help and frustration

The wide range of topics on this social media page seems endless, today I came across a post that unfortunately many of us in Bismarck and Mandan have experienced as of late. So the post went something like this "So South ____ is open, but can't take any orders because they "have no crew"  I know some of you right away are nodding your head, and you know exactly the place I'm talking about. This is what is happening in more than one business around town, lack of employees.

It's easy to lash out in instant anger when we are denied are speedy fast food

I'm guilty of this, I've gone to this establishment on more than one occasion and have been told their inside dining area is closed, one time I was told they only take exact change. Things happen, I get it, and this is when we all need to show some patience, but when you are struggling to keep workers on the clock, something has to be done. What's wrong with this picture? Remember the days when TRYING to find a job was a true challenge? I feel bad for the owners, managers, and the few ones they have that actually do want to work. I can imagine how it must get old turning potential customers away because you "have no crew"

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