There is a new way of fighting crime in our city of Bismarck. There are now two squad cars roaming the city that are fitted with amazing technology. We've seen computers in police cars, that's no secret, it's a great way for officers to almost instantly find out if someone they have just pulled over, or are about to, have a warrant. The problem though is sometimes when they are still driving, it becomes a safety issue if they are trying to type and drive at the same. One of the big questions is, how is this new computer system any different than what the officers are equipped with now?  Well, the latest license plate reading technology solves a lot of the safety issues that I just brought up, and for more on this KXNET sat down with Bismarck Deputy Police Chief Jason Stugelmeyer. Here is how he describes their new secret tool. “The cars are driving down the road and it’s just recognizing characters on the plates and it will alert the driver or any units that are out there driving around if it hits on a, or recognizes characters that are involved in a database such as the National Crime Information Center database,”  

With every new system, there will be those that are against it - one such individual Defense Attorney Lloyd Suhr, who has a problem with the "Big Brother" feel, like an electronic trespass - and he questions just how law enforcement is regulating this internally?

The police chief said it perfectly, to anyone who is against this new modern system - “If you’re not involved in criminal activity you have nothing to worry about, that’s plain and simple"        For more on this story click here.



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