How many times have you watched a high-speed chase on television?

Out here in North Dakota, it's pretty rare that you will see a high-speed chase live in progress on television. When I lived in San Diego, California it was quite common. Seemed like at least once a week. The local news would always break into whatever you were watching and carry all the drama live. It's all about "What could possibly happen next?" and that's what people want to see. You can watch a million of them on YouTube.

I want to know what goes on in the mindset of someone who thinks they can get away from the police

The thought of someone involved in a high-speed chase has always intrigued me, what goes on in their mind when they are trying to outrun the police? Especially in a big city where there are police and news helicopters covering their every move. Yes, it's quite obvious the culprit does NOT want to be behind bars. Some people were caught red-handed in a criminal act and were forced to flee. One New Salem man let his heart take over.

An affair of the heart eventually led to speeds of over 100 mph on the I-94

About two and a half weeks ago a North Dakota man decided to run from the law. According to KFYR TV "A witness told law enforcement that he heard a woman calling for help and saw 40-year-old Richard Klatt climbing through a broken window of a home Tuesday morning. Court documents report that Klatt had tried to profess his love to the woman" There was no word whether his plea for love was accepted, but judging by his actions, leading Bismarck Police on a chase on the I-94, I'm going to guess that Klatt was denied. So what exactly went on in his head during the whole ordeal? KFYR TV added that "...he fled westbound on I-94 at more than 100 mph" Now he sits in jail, as his heart attempts to heal. See what love can do?

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