It's incredible how many ways social media just dominates people's lives

I had none of this growing up as a kid, heck I would be outside playing touch football until it got dark. I am all for change and technology, the problem is that there are some pretty ugly people out there just waiting to take advantage of children with dangerous content. I'm sure you have heard of an app. Simply put it is a mobile application easy to run on a cell phone, just perfect for a kid ( almost every age ) who has one. The creepy part is that parents would be blown away if they knew what kind of hidden features that a normal app provides. These are code words that skirt around the issues that make the app so dangerous, like possible predators trying to trap children into communicating with them.

Good news - there is an app to help parents

According to " Bark Technologies is an online app that helps parents monitor their kid's online habits. The company monitors more than 30 social media platforms for potentially dangerous content that could end up at children’s fingertips"  Some of the apps you will find on this list may seem absolutely harmless, but that is why you need to read into them deeper. Check out the list of 12 apps that could be dangerous for children.

Bismarck Police Forum Information

Parents do yourself a favor and read what Bismarck Police recently posted at - key information for internet safety - Especially read about their list l of risky apps and the dangers of each one.


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