There are some that say a good old fashioned walk is the best way to clear your head. To get out and stretch your legs, take in some fresh air, and try and let all your trouble disappear. There are also MANY people who walk just enough, to let their four-legged friend or friends relieve themselves, then quickly back inside. A Bismarck man has taken HIS two legs and has helped other senior citizens at the Burleigh County Senior Center - a wonderful program to help those stay active, especially during the pandemic. This Senior Center has found a perfect way to get others involved and get their minds off seclusion and staying put inside their rooms. An ideal example of what this program is all about is a gentleman by the name of Jorgen Knutson. Jorgen takes it one foot after the other for about 10 to 12 miles a DAY.

KFYR TV reports that his favorite places to walk during the summer are the trails near Pebble Creek, but we all know how Mother Nature can interrupt things with her temper tantrum nasty weather - and that is when Jorgen just shrugs it off. He is so dedicated that he will complete his miles by walking the halls and garage of his apartment. Check this out, last December he logged 719,666 steps, which averages out to about 300 miles. Knutson is grateful for the Senior Center's program “There’s a lot of neat things that Burleigh County does and it’s really fantastic. It really does help you to have some goals to try to achieve,”  

When one becomes self-barricaded inside your apartment unit, and your mind just lays dormant, walking is the easiest way to release stress.


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