What a world beautiful world we live in.  Through Sunday, bring the family out for the Flying Legends of Victory Tour at the Bismarck airport.  Everything you want to know about times and pricing you can find by clicking here.

I always recommend taking a quick peek at the details before getting your hopes up too high.  So, seriously, there's spoilers ahead- click that link. Than come on back y'hear.

OK...Taking an onboard air trip tour starts at $325 and ratchets up to $825 to ride in one of those sweet gunner pods on the B17-G in cover photo. That has to be insane!  It's not insane to pay that much...it's insane not too! Think about all that 4th of July firework cash that just blew up in the sky.  Yeah Scott, but that entertains LOTS of people.  Don't care- $825 for a lifetime experience in a gunner pod is a birthday gift truly from up above.

But I don't want you to think it's going to cost that much to pay them a visit and get the on-ground experience that will still be ridiculously cool. You can get a family of four into this week's event for just 25 bucks!  Plus, it raises money for the Bismarck airport which is good, since these days people are only traveling by B-25 Bombers anyways.  Sorry, Allegiant...once ya go bomber ya never go back.

Let's eyeball these bad boys on display now during the Flying Legends of Victory Tour!




B-17 Bomber and B-25 Bomber Now These Are Legendary

It's on now through Sunday!  All the details are here.

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