If you have an electric vehicle, you will have two new options in Bismarck to fast charge your vehicle.

The city of Bismarck will celebrate tomorrow the launch and installation of two publicly available Level 3 fast electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.  There will be a ribbon cutting event held at the Bismarck-Mandan Convention and Visitor's Bureau (one of the locations).  There will also be another charging station for public use at the Bismarck Airport.

These charging stations will be a serious upgrade from charging your vehicle at home.

More convenient and much faster.  These two new fast charging stations, when combined with existing charging stations in the state, will help sure that electric travel across North Dakota is possible.  Other fast charging stations are located in...This will present new opportunities for local, regional and interstate electric vehicle travel and tourism.

Driving an electric vehicle is still an expensive purchase, compared to a traditional gasoline vehicle.

According to NRDC, you will pay about $19,000 dollars more for a new electric vehicle.  However, prices for electric vehicles have been falling the last several years. while gas powered vehicles have been slowly climbing.

According to Drive Electric North Dakota, there are more than 60 public charging stations in the state.  Major cities like Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, Williston, Dickinson,  Jamestown and Bismarck all have charging stations.

The Bismarck Airport and Bismarck Mandan Convention and Visitors Bureau electric vehicle charging station locations will provide easy access for residents and persons visiting our community. The Airport location provides an additional amenity for airport travelers. The Convention and Visitors Bureau location provides quick access for I-94 and Highway 83 travelers while providing a gateway to area shops, restaurants and the Visitors Bureau.



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