There are some people out there that believe a cigar bar (or lounge) can only be found in big cities? Personally, I would like to know WHY? Why can't someone make that work here in Bismarck? Well, for one thing, North Dakota's smoke-free law -  smoking is prohibited in places of employment and public spaces. According to the Bismarck Tribune Minot, Republican Rep. Dan Ruby is hoping for a bill to be passed that would allow cigar smoking in certified bars or cigar lounges.

 House Bill 1152 passed in the House by three votes and is now making its way to the Senate floor. Ruby says it's hard to predict how popular cigar lounges will be, he always made a point that generally you only find them in larger cities. Also, there have been some studies made - thanks to North Dakota Department of Health's 2019 Tobacco Surveillance Data - that show only 4.3 adults active in the state are cigar smokers. I completely agree with Dan Ruby's belief "There is definitely a solid customer base for them, Obviously it’s up to the business owners to decide if they want to invest in that business model and fill that niche. I think there are some that would like to.”

Here is where the proposed law change baffles me - if it does pass it would only permit the smoking of cigars purchased at the establishment. Any other tobacco product would not be permitted. Does that make any sense at all? Ruby believes that cigar smokers are a different breed, they smoke them as more of a hobby than an addiction.

Why not just allow a private owner, with his own property, to have an establishment that allows someone to enjoy a cigar INSIDE?


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