I'll let you tell your kids about how you used to walk to school a mile every day through two feet of snow and uphill both there and back.  I had to walk to school through the snow but we only lived three blocks from my grade school.  But I knew every barking dog and concrete sidewalk stamp along the route.

It's a great time to gather your thoughts before school starts.

Like grade school kids really have thoughts that need gathering. But the point is that walking is way better than sitting in the backseat listening to your parent's stupid radio station(wink).

Parents, this Wednesday it's time to put on your walking shoes and join your kids for...


Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health is teaming up with Go! Bismarck Mandan in encouraging all area students to celebrate National Walk and Roll to School Day.  It's a day to inspire the community to promote health and map out safe routes for your kids to walk and bike to school.

This is a chance to test the waters on having your kids walk to school on their own sometimes. I'm always happy to see kids playing in my neighborhood. I used to live east of the Bank of North Dakota and was always amazed that I never saw kids playing in that HUGE green space behind the bank. When I was a kid the entire neighborhood would be playing in a field like that.  They can't kick you out, right?   It's a state-owned bank! But back to walking with your kids. It's a chance to teach them the safest route to their school.  It will help them grow their confidence and enjoy some responsibility.  Learn about the movement at walkbiketoschool.org

Blaze a trail this Wednesday with your kiddos!

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