Looking at the calendar, it is that time of the year again.  It's a new school year.   Quite a few schools have already started, Bismarck Public Schools and Mandan Public Schools start this Thursday.

Traffic will be busier, especially near the elementary schools.  Parents will be dropping off their kids.  School buses will be picking up and dropping off kids.  We all need to remember to slow down and watch out for others.    Little kids are excited to see their friends and be back in school.  In their excitement they don't always watch out for cars.  And we can't always see those happy little faces as they are shorter than many vehicles these days.

We also need to remember the laws when it comes to school buses.  There is a time when it is illegal to pass a school bus:

North Dakota School Bus Laws

When a school bus is stopped and flashing its red lights, drivers approaching from both directions must stop. This is because children are being loaded or unloaded. The drivers cannot proceed until 1) the bus begins moving; or 2) the bus driver signals to let vehicles pass; or 3) the red lights are no longer flashing. When a school bus is equipped with yellow caution lights, these lights may be used as a warning that the school bus is about to stop and that the red flash lights will soon come on. Be especially alert every time you see a school bus.

Big thanks to all those who drive school buses.   You have precious cargo on board, be safe.

Slow down everyone, let's make this school year a great year!

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