Whatever your plans were for this Saturday morning, reschedule it, and spend time  celebrating a truly wonderful soul

There is nothing more special in life than remembering someone who inspired you, who lifted you up when needed the most. It's pretty special when you can look back and think about a teacher who radiated personality, an individual who cared deeply for their students, past, and present. This Saturday morning at Sertoma Community Center the life of Jody Olheismer will be celebrated by those that had the privilege of working alongside her at Bismarck High School, family members, students who have graduated, and who have become teachers themselves, even those that have never met her.

Jody Olheiser Memorial Slush Run - Saturday, March 26th, 10:00 am - Sertoma Community Center - 300 Riverside Park

Jody had a wonderful life filled with going for an afternoon run in the sun, maybe a bike ride, no doubt wearing her "Live A Great Story" Hoo Rag, breathing in the fresh air. She had a passion and zest for delivering a powerful message to her students who had an eye on future college plans - Jody was instrumental in making sure they reached their goals. For 7 years she worked in the AVID program. Her grades 9 through 12 were shown a path to eventually attending college. When students needed a gentle 'push', there was Jody. With love in her heart, she became a mentor and friend to everyone she came across.

A shocking two-week span back in 2021

Two weeks was all it took from the time Jody was diagnosed with cancer until she passed away on Thanksgiving day. She left behind Tana Sukauskas and Annie McKenzie, among so many others. These two friends and co-workers think about her spirit every day, and they have put together the Jody Olheiser memorial Slush Run this Saturday. You can sign up now at bismarckschools.org, and on-site as well.

Imagine someone taking an interest in your life, not giving up when you are down - you will never forget them

This is one of the reasons why so many people miss Jody Olheiser. When you come across this in your lifetime, you hold on to it, and as years go by you'll never forget the thousands of unselfish moments a person with a huge heart invested in you.


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