The + Weekend = Sleeping in

Most of us were probably still sleeping in on this brisk lazy Sunday morning. After all, it's the weekend, right? The roads were extra light and free of traffic as I drove to Mandan. I took that hairpin mini loop and was less than a quarter-mile from the exit, when I saw him, or her. On a ladder working on a billboard. Why so early and did this have to be done today?

Wow pretty eager to be working on an early Sunday morning, maybe earning some time and a half?

I didn't think anything of it more than that, someone out there trying to get an upper hand of some work, hopefully, this person is getting paid time and a half. I mean who works on a Sunday in Bismarck/Mandan.

Message from a friend

My friend Michelle sent me a message not long after I was at my desk here at our Mandan studios. She asked me if I had seen the "blink an eye and you'll miss it" image on THE sign. It took me a second or two to realize she was referring to what I had just witnessed about 20 minutes earlier.

Billboard here I come.

This now became my mission, I picked up my phone and headed out to the back of Malloy in Mandan. There it stood, strategically facing motorists on the 94. As I got real close I realized that this was the clever act of a prank artist. A full-fledged dummy, dressed in construction clothes, armed even with a hard hat. This life-size mannequin (she -e- quin) appears to have a great attitude though, check out the small smile on its face.

Were you duped?

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