Fargo, this is not a pile on.  East and West, we'll have our trials and tribulations over the course of any and all sorts of sports seasons. We do need to be smarter about crowds and North Dakota State University is leading the way. AP NEWS is reporting...

North Dakota State University athletic department officials said Tuesday they are limiting attendance at the team’s only fall game to family members of players, reversing an earlier decision to allow fans during the coronavirus pandemic.

The school was planning for about 8,000 spectators at Saturday’s game against Central Arkansas at the 19,000-seat Fargodome. The school said in a release the change was made “in the best interest of health and safety for the participating student-athletes, coaches and fans

This must have been a very difficult decision, to have to limit the amount of bodies you can responsibly congregate in an indoor venue.  North Dakota, we ain't hitting numbers out the park, let's start being OK with not "grouping".  Maybe you can't get into the Missouri Valley Fairgrounds for their tailgate party...click here to learn about party. Not sure if it's full...but,If that ain't happening....JOIN THE PARTY IN BISMARCK!

Leave in the morning and only two hours and forty five minutes later y'all be in Bismarck for the Westside Watch Party at the Bismarck Event Center!  Click right here to learn more.  C'mon Thundering Herd...click right HERE! 

Gonna be like this...

European Bison Project Seeks A Return To The Wild
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It's not gonna be like that! Jeez.

If you read the link you saw that we have it covered. Seriously though, if you want to hop in 6 foot spaced away from the rest of the herd of the western Bison Nation. Join Hot 97-5 and US 103-3 as we help blow the barn doors off the only Bison game of the fall season!



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