Interesting times indeed.  Yes on Saturday June 6th there was a peaceful protest on the streets of Rugby, North Dakota.  Obviously, there has been an outpouring of protests statewide, nationwide, and worldwide- but Rugby?

Injustice is widespread. Opposing it should be universal.  But, generally rural North Dakotans keep their opinions close to the vest- yet, apparently these "Rugbians" were ready to let their opinions be known.  I couldn't be prouder.  I'm sure many in the area thought it was misguided and silly- just country kids unduly influenced by the fake news of the day.

But the news this time is real and the injustice is also very real indeed. So why not speak out against what is obviously wrong? Why is there automatic animosity and aggression to  those that do speak out?

Those feelings are being fanned by bad behavior often by "bad actors" or instigators. Time and time again, protests against violence turn violent by the actions of people that get their rocks-off throwing rocks, starting fires, and creating dangerous situations.  Dangerous, not just for the police- but for people of all races and rationalities.

Major portions of Minneapolis/Saint Paul were destroyed in the days following the killing of George Floyd. Officials attempted to blame it solely on "outside agitators" when we all know these inexcusable asses live among us every day.  Be they left or right, black or white- they're narrow minded people so wrapped in their own perception of fair play that protests become a playground for this perverse need to keep society separated..

Fargo saw it's fair share of damage during their protests as well.  All perpetuated by people that don't want to see change, but instead just want to use protests as cover for their twisted obsession with violence.

Bismarck's protests have been mostly peaceful but marked with confrontational behavior not between protestors and police but between protestors and those that have self-deputized themselves as keepers of the peace.

So a salute to those 50 plus protestors and the people in Rugby.  Respect for all and respect for everyone's right to free speech.

Do no harm.

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