This story about what a local college is doing simply amazes me, I'll tell you why in a second. When I was in high school, I think it was some arts and crafts assignment that was given to us, to build something with our own hands. I chose to ATTEMPT to design and complete a birdhouse. I had some plans hastily drawn up, and with the help of a couple of shoeboxes cut up, a key staple here and there, I humbly presented my effort. When my grade "D" was written on the side of the birdy lair, the flimsy walls collapsed.

I now bring you to the year 2021 and check out what the Bismarck State College carpentry program has done here in Bismarck (obviously). According to KXNET  “The Bismarck State Carpentry program each year builds a house out in the community.”  said associate professor of carpentry at BSC, Earl Torgerson. The program runs for two semesters and the actual construction of the house begins around September. 

Unbelievable. The class starts out learning doing cabinet making, they do that for about a month, then off to furniture making. Obviously, the students are gaining valuable experience along the way, with the hopes of entering their trade down the road. I can think of so many cool rewards that are in store for these students - For one thing, can you imagine driving by the finishing project years later knowing you had a hand in building it from top to bottom? Here is their shining moment though - When the house is done it will be featured on the Bismarck-Mandan Homeowner’s Association Parade of Homes - Torgerson says, “from that point, it’ll be listed with a local realtor and available for sale.”

How awesome is that? On a closing note, MY (Ahem) Birdhouse STILL has not been sold (where ever it is)


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