Not a good week for Burleigh County when it comes to new positive cases for COVID-19.  Friday, September 18th the North Dakota Department of Health reported another 84 cases in Burleigh County.  In general it was a bad day for North Dakota, with all of it's major cities reporting at least 50 cases.  Including Fargo in at number two with 77 cases, Grand Forks is third with 66 cases, Dickinson came in fourth with 57 and Minot was fifth at 52.  YIKES!


Burleigh County has been especially hard hit the last week, and has been leading the state in new Coronavirus cases most of the week.  We also had the only deaths in the state, with two new people dying in Burleigh County.  Numbers continue to be troublesome for the state of North Dakota.  The daily positive rate was better at 5.8.  It's been as high as 12 percent earlier this week.  We also have 77 people currently hospitalized in the state with the coronavirus.

According to an article in Healthline COVID-19 cases across the country continue to decline for most states, but officials are worried about an up-tick after Labor day gatherings.  Maybe that's what we are seeing in North Dakota this past week?  Too many big party's on the sandbar?   North Dakota however is one of the states health officials continue to worry about according to the article.  So just how many cases of COVID-19 has the United States had since the start of the pandemic.  How about 6.6 million confirmed.

Now some good news, hospitalizations have dropped significantly in the country.  They currently stand at 26,000 which is a far cry from the 50,000 plus numbers reported in July.  Let's hope we start heading in a different direction soon in Burleigh County and the entire state of North Dakota for that matter.



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