"Don't Drink And Drive" - until you get to a golf course here in BisMan. Then for some reason, it's a different world - you are out and about on a big beautiful 18-hole adventure with your friends, where the rules of alcohol don't seem to apply there. Think about it, most people are aware of the consequences if they choose to drink a couple of beers at a bar, and then drive home. When you are behind the wheel of a golf cart and the drinks are flowing (along with your lousy tee shots) there is no thought at all of "driving under the influence" - but you are - However rarely will anyone get in legal trouble because the golf course is "Not a roadway" -

Well, what about electric scooters?

I'm sure you have heard about the increase in electric scooters out here in Bismarck and other North Dakota cities as well. A simple two-wheeler that can get you around town without the hassles of an actual car - You may think it's silly if I say you could get popped for being drunk and scooting - but you definitely can. The North Dakota Century Code Section 39-01-01 states a "Motorized bicycle" means a vehicle equipped with two or three wheels - not pedal or foot-powered. Since an electric scooter is run by a motor, you can be charged with a DUI (Driving under the influence).

I am not trying to sound like Debby Downer

I am just trying to tell you that according to KFYR-TV Bismarck Police Traffic Sergeant Tim Blegh had this to say "Anybody who is drinking or operating a motorized vehicle is not making a good decision, and therefore can cause a crash and can be hurt, killed, or they can hurt or kill someone else".


So far so good

At this point so far, Bismarck police have had no incidents in this matter to report. The best practice of all, drink responsibly - so you can come back and scoot another day.

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