The General Election is taking place on Nov. 8 and in addition to Presidential nominees Barnum and Bailey, there are a lot of other people to elect to office.

Each district has its own representatives but we did not include them on this list. We chose only the candidates that will appear on the ballot throughout the entire state of North Dakota and decided to rank their names from the most boring to the coolest.

There are 29 total candidates on this list. The Governor and Lt. Governor candidates are elected on one ticket (just like President and Vice President) but regardless, they are still separate names and therefore get ranked like anyone else.

We've done a deeper analysis of the top ten names. No. 29 through No. 11 just lists your most basic names. Admittedly though as you get into the low teens, you get some pretty cool sounding names.

The list is based solely on the candidate's name and has absolutely nothing to do with what office they're running for or their political stances or affiliations.

So without further ado, let's get to the list.

29. Eric Olson - State Treasurer - Libertarian
28. Kelly L. Schmidt - State Treasurer - Republican
27. Kevin Cramer - Congress - Republican
26. Robert N. Marquette - Senate - Libertarian
25. Marvin Nelson - Governor - Democrat
24. Nick Bata - Insurance Commissioner - Libertarian
23. Kirsten Baesler - Superintendent of Public Instruction - Nonpartisan
22. John Hoeven - Senate - Republican
21. Lisa Fair McEvers - Supreme Court Justice - Nonpartisan
20. Brent Sanford - Lt. Governor - Republican
19. Doug Burgum - Governor - Republican
18. Jon Godfread - Insurance Commissioner - Republican
17. Joe Chiang - Superintendent of Public instruction - Nonpartisan
16. James Germalic - Senate - Independent
15. Eliot Glassheim - Senate - Democrat
14. Tim Mathern - State Treasurer - Democrat
13. Roland Riemers - State Auditor - Libertarian
12. Julie Fedorchak - Public Service Commissioner - Republican
11. Thomas Skadeland - Public Service Commissioner - Libertarian

  • Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun
    Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun

    Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun

    Public Service Commissioner


    I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce this name which kind of adds to the allure. It sounds like it could be a brand or a model for a hunting bow though and that's pretty awesome.

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    Josh Gallion

    State Auditor


    Some may argue this name is too high on the list but some sandwich shop somewhere has to add a 'Gallion' sandwich to its menu. I don't know what kind of sandwich it would be but it doesn't matter. When I hear "Josh Gallion" it makes me want some meat and bread... and no, a hot dog is not a sandwich.

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    Joan Heckaman

    Lt. Governor


    Just say, 'Heckaman' out loud like three times and try to tell me this name belongs anywhere else on this list.

    Heckaman should be the name of some kind of recreational sport.

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    Marty Riske



    I just like saying, "Riske" which I assume is pronounced 'risky.' Choosing to be known as "Marty" instead of "Martin" was the right move.

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    Joshua Voytek

    Lt. Governor


    This guy plays hockey right? He has to play hockey. Joshua Voytek is the ultimate hockey name. It will be depressing to find out this guy never played hockey if he indeed never played hockey.

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    Ruth Buffalo

    Insurance Commissioner


    There's not a lot of people named Ruth anymore but that's not really relevant. This name flows very nicely and having the surname, "Buffalo" is just fantastic.

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    Jerod Elton Tufte

    Supreme Court Justice


    'Tufte' reminded me of tartufo for some reason which is a delicious Italian dessert. The fact that this name seems to flow so poorly also adds to its coolness factor.

    Regardless, after I finish my 'Gallion,' I'm going out for some 'Tufte.'

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    Jack Seaman



    OK bear with me on this one. Get into the mindset of an immature teenager for just a moment.

    His first name is JACK.

    His last name is SEAMAN.

    Think about that for a second. It's hilarious.

    Don't get offended. It's just 'locker room talk.'


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    Chase Iron Eyes



    Native Americans have really cool names sometimes. Chase Iron Eyes proves my point.

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    Robert V Bolinske Sr.

    Supreme Court Justice


    When I saw this name I immediately thought of an insanely rich person that has a butler (most likely a British one named Jeeves), a nanny, a red velvet couch next to a fire place and three swimming pools.

    I'm assuming Mr. Bolinske Sr. has all of these things plus a monocle.

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