Whew doggie, it's going to be a dandy of a day!

Be there for the 4th Annual Midwestern Police Canine Competition, Saturday August 1st at Haaland Field in Bismarck. This is going to be a blast to see our local law enforcement athletes in action. Local canine units will compete snout to snout in a variety of challenges. There'll be obedience and tactical courses, barricades to jump over, and of course "perps" to chew on.

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I would like to suggest some additional events, such as

Chilling out with dog lover Betty White!

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Good cop. Bad cop. Classic!

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Ballroom dancing!

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Radical board action!

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Meanest face competition!

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Three of this years competitors also appeared on the completely awesome TV show- America's Top Dog!  Me and Brenda watched 'em all and it was a ton of fun!  If you missed them you can watch shows and clips from A&E right here. I mean you'll be polite enough to finish reading this story right?

I'll make this quick then you can click and watch the shows.

So that's Saturday August 1st beginning at 11 AM.  The National Police Canine Association's North Central Region 4th Annual Midwestern Police Canine Competition. (try fitting that name on a t-shirt)

Bring cash or your card as there's a fund raising raffle for prizes.  Money raised will go toward the 2021 training and trials.  There's even gonna be free hot dogs and water. But, you will want to bring your own chairs.

Put a date reminder in your phone and come watch these pups take a BITE outta crime!

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