Austin Willis, an 8-year old, nearly lost his life in a car crash while saving his two younger brothers during the accident. Now, he'll get a chance to hang out with his favorite football player, Carson Wentz.

CBS Philly, also known as CBS3, held the 9th Annual Ronald McDonald House Charities Telethon and surprised Austin with the news at the conclusion of his interview regarding the car accident.

Austin will get to meet his favorite football player, Carson Wentz, and spend the day at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp.

During the crash, Austin unbuckled himself to lay on top of his younger brothers in an attempt to protect them and keep them in the car. As a result, he was the only one that was ejected from the vehicle.

Despite initially being told that Austin wouldn't survive due to his injuries from the crash, he fought through them and is staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Delaware, where he is currently in recovery.

In the above video, when asked about Wentz's season-ending injury, Austin responded, "If I can get better, he can get better."

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