With a new career in Indianapolis set to begin, Carson Wentz returns to his star beginnings.

It was fantastic to see Bismarck's own Carson Wentz sticking to his roots and coming back to West Fargo on June 26th to pay tribute to a boy who had meant so much to him in the early part of his rise.  And by playing such a part in a young mans life, Carson's new found celebrity drew us into the story as well. It's great to see Carson represent, but I was once again reminded of the story of why he's committed to doing so...and it made me sad...again.

As Carson's star was on the rise, all of his supporters in Bismarck were introduced to a young man by the name of Landon Solberg.  Carson and Brandon had bonded during one of the "Camp Conqueror" sessions of his AO1 camp in partnership with Triangle Y Camp, and Sanford Health

As part of the Outdoor Ministry, Camp Conquerors was created to provide children, ages 11-15, with life-threatening illnesses or other life-altering medical situations an opportunity to experience the outdoors in a setting designed to uplift them spiritually, emotionally and mentally through worship, biblical teaching and small group discussion. 

So Carson met Landon under dire circumstances and within 2 years those circumstances would overcome young Landon...this from September 2019

Solberg, 12, passed away Tuesday after battling an aggressive form of brain cancer for two years. The North Dakota native had been diagnosed with Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare malignant brain tumor, in December 2017 and fought it to the end.

Carson and Brandon were hunting, fishing, and spiritual brothers. Maintaining that relationship through a wild ride into the NFL is really admirable. Less admirable was Carson promising to beat the Detroit Lions and dedicating the game in Landon's name.  Detroit Lions Carson? Kinda low hanging fruit don't ya think?  Nope, Lions beat the Eagles 27-24.  Sorry I brought it up.  This ain't Hollywood.

Now, newly appointed Indianapolis Colt quarterback Carson Wentz will now return in June to West Fargo to headline a benefit for Landon's Light,

Landon’s Night at The Lights will take place at Essentia Health Plaza at The Lights on Sunday, June 27th beginning at 5:30pm.

If you can't make the event, click all the links and send a check.  I'm amazed at this dedicated and directed son of Bismarck.  Carson Wentz good on you.

I met him once, heck of a nice fella...taller than you'd think.

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