The NFL's official online shop keeps tabs on which player sells the most jerseys in each state.

Somehow, Carson Wentz, likely North Dakota's favorite football player does not have the top selling jersey in the state. That honor instead goes to Adam Thielen, a Wide Receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.

Carson Wentz does not have the top selling jersey in the state of Pennsylvania either.

However, Carson Wentz has the eighth highest selling jersey overall.

Many people in North Dakota support the Vikings over any other NFL team so it makes sense that a Vikings' player has the top selling jersey.

Thielen will be entering his fourth NFL season in 2017. Last year, Thielen had 967 yards receiving and five touchdowns. Thielen has played in all 16 Vikings' games since his rookie season in 2014.

You can see what player has the most jersey sales in each state at the bottom of this page

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