When you visit the White House, it's a special occasion and definitely, a memorable experience.

According to CBS-6 in Philadelphia, the Eagles plan to visit the White House on June 5th. This is the traditional Super Bowl winning team making a visit to receive the congratulations from the President.

According to a team spokesperson, it is not a requirement for members of the team to attend. it's an individual thing for each player to work through as to whether they want to attend or not,

Carson Wentz made a public statement about the upcoming visit,

“I know for me, personally, if the team decides as a whole most guys want to go or be a part of it, I will be attending with them. I think it’s just a cool way to receive the honor nationally and be recognized.”

“I don’t view it as a political thing whatsoever. I don’t really mess with politics very often. I will be involved in going.”

Leave it up to Bismarck's Carson Wentz to set the record straight. Up front and honest, it's the only way Carson does it.

It's why we admire, respect and loves him!

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