In 2016, Carson Wentz gifted some of his teammates shotguns for Christmas. In 2017, he stuck with the 'country theme.'

According to Zach Berman, an Eagles reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, this year Carson Wentz purchased custom Cowboy boots for his teammates.

Wentz's offensive line has been doing a fantastic job this year and continued to play really well with Nick Foles at the helm last week. They deserve a great gift and hopefully the offensive line appreciates it.

For what it's worth, the hometowns for the Eagles current starting offensive linemen are Haltom, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland Heights, OH, Milwaukee, WI, and Groveton, TX.

It is not known what the cost of the boots were but another Eagles reporter posted a picture of what the boots look like on his Twitter timeline.

Merry Christmas from Carson Wentz.

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