As he's shown on the football field, Carson Wentz has pin-point accuracy with his passing. His archery skills are just as accurate.

As you've seen in previous videos, Carson Wentz has had some fun and successful hunting adventures. Carson recently Instagrammed a video of his immaculate archery skills by putting an arrow through an egg. The video was posted via the "wentzbrosoutdoors" account.

As you can see, Wentz captioned the video perfectly with, "Scrambled, over-easy, or sunny-side up? #WentzBrosOutdoors #firsttry @bowtecharchery"

The account for Wentz Bros Outdoors follows the Wentz brothers, Carson and Zach, as they go along on their outdoor adventures.

Carson also tweeted the impressive video.

As you can see, Carson Wentz has some serious skills on and off-the-field.


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