This morning of December 28th, 2021, the pain that Chad Isaak brought to the friends and family members was felt by all of us one last time

That awful day back in 2019, when Chad Isaak walked into the RJR Maintenance and Management building and slaughtered four innocent people - William and Lois Cobb, Adam Fuehrer, and Robert Fakler. As he disappeared on an early April morning he left the city of Mandan and Bismarck in complete shock. We all asked ourselves "Why?" That seemed to hurt the most, "Why?"

August 4th, 2021 - The trial that was followed all around the country began

Seeing the Court TV vehicle on the roads in Mandan showed all of us the magnitude of this murder trial, and the quest again for the answer to the question of "Why?" Watching with great interest this trial captivated the interest of all Bismarck/Mandan citizens. People of course had their theories, and doubts of Chad Isaak's guilt. The trial was fascinating and horrendous all in one. We heard from loved ones called on the stand and for 16 days we felt the unbearable pain that they were still suffering from, and will never get over.

August 20th, 2021 - The Verdict is in

Judge David Reich delivered to an eerie silent courtroom the verdicts. According to KX NET "... Washburn resident and chiropractor Chad Isaak guilty of the murders of four people" The tears of family members could be heard.

December 28, 2021 - Once again the family members tears were shed

Today was the day that convicted murderer Chad Isaak found out his fate, as family members spoke to Isaak with once again questions of "Why?" Why would he take the lives of their loved ones, for no apparent reason? Isaak stayed silent through the whole trial, today at 9:37 am he finally spoke - "I'm NOT a murderer and that's all I have to say"  His response was answered 8 minutes later by "Life without parole" At 9:50 am Judge Reich finished his decision, and the courtroom was adjourned. The crowd clapped, and this finally lays to rest a sad chapter, one that the victims will remember forever.



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