The very best thing in my mind, when you are in the public eye, is to use that power of social media to help spread the word

This is a message that should be heard 365 days a year, and not just during the holidays. When you make that terrible mistake, a lack of judgment that could change your life or others in a second, think real hard of the consequences. Many may say "Well I'm only going a mile down the road", well when you drink and drive it doesn't matter if you are going across the street. There is a pair of sisters from North Dakota that have captured the hearts of many, and they hope to use their fame to bring some common sense to people.

The small town of Hazen, North Dakota, just over an hour away from Bismarck, has become known for raising two rising superstars in the music world.

With a population of around 2,500 people, two of the former residents teamed up quite nicely, they now hit concert venues around the country as Tigirlily. Entertaining so many with their songs, these two ladies are extremely down to earth and about as polite as you can possibly be. They also care about people and are doing their part to spread the word on the dangers of drinking and driving. According to KX NET the two sisters Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh had this to say " “When you drive impaired, you put yourself and others at risk. Too many crashes in North Dakota involve someone who is under the influence and these crashes are totally preventable..."

Doing their part by recording some public service announcements for the North Dakota Department of Transportation

By speaking the word through PSA's and on social media, Tigirlily is making a clear statement that we all need to never forget - "Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over". Not only are these two talented, but the compassion for others is real. Their last bit of advice is as simple and clear as you can get - "Always drive sober or find a sober ride" KX NET added. Remember this, there is no shame in giving your keys to someone else, your life and others can depend on it.

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